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    providing publishing services to its clients

Publishing Services

Publishing companies, like other businesses, are more competitive if they focus on their core functions.

They need the ability to be able to publish better and faster for a lesser cost. The marketplace requires publishers to respond with alacrity to changing market needs and adopt new technologies and means of rendering content that the readers expect. Achieving this balance of agility, cutting edge technology and low-cost without compromising on quality requires partners with mature and sophisticated systems and platforms and the ability to scale as per demand.

Brew Consulting has a rich track record providing publishing services to its clients. We strive to provide maximum value to our customers. Our services range from production to reviews to support and development of new age products, making us a near one stop shop for a suite of publishing services.

Tablets are fast changing the way consumers prefer to read material. The way content is rendered on tablets too is undergoing a change. Soon consumers will expect this content to be interactive and rich rather than a plain conversion of printed books to digital. Brew is at the fore front of these market dynamics and works with its customers to encode content in a variety of innovative and unique ways. We also plan, design and develop platforms for delivering this content on demand.

While new age services are in good demand we continue to offer excellence in all other areas as well making us truly a partner of choice.

Editorial Services

  • Our team of editors, writers and technical specialists have experience in making your product ready for the market faster and better. We offer a range of editorial services that include proof reading, copy editing, technical editing, Indexing etc. Read more

Content Development &


  • Transforming legacy content into XML or starting with an “e” strategy. Brew offers solutions to meet your demand in both modern and legacy content services. Read more