Editorial services

Copy Editing

Our editors have a good understanding of all major styles and are adept at providing 3 levels of editing depending on your needs. As part of our engagement we correct:

  • Spellings – For English we support both American and British
  • Grammatical errors / improvements
  • Re-phrasing sentences to make the intent clearer and more readable
  • References and foot notes – for accuracy and numbering of citations
  • Fixing caption (figures / tables) errors
  • Consistent and engaging style of narration


All the effort spent on developing that manuscript will be seriously compromised if there are typo errors. Our proof readers go thru each and every word / sentence and ensure that it meets your reader’s expectations. Some of the problems addressed are:

  • Typographical errors
  • Incorrect hyphenation
  • Having consistent fonts and italicization across the manuscript
  • Proper layout as per your style including hierarchies of headings / sections etc.
The end result is well polished content that is well formatted and free of annoying errors and you have the confidence that your efforts to develop the manuscript are well spent.

Abstracting and Indexing

Good content is only as good as it is searchable. Brew makes your content easier to find and consume in a world where content is doubling every 3-4 years. We are experts at creating intelligent and informed indexing systems that follow configurable business rules thereby simplifying access for end users. Once an article is discovered, an effective abstract helps the reader decide to read the whole article. Brew creates concise and crisp abstracts or head notes that make the decision to read the whole text very effective.

  • Remarkable abstracts: for the purpose of press releases, making them worthy of remarks and therefore noticeable.
  • Subject Indexing: classify and categorize your content to indicate what its about, in other words summarize its content and making for relevant search
  • Thesaurus indexing: creating a set of terms that generally have similar meaning and have a bearing to your content. This allows for users coming with varying terms find your article.
  • Image indexing: Creating a set of terms / description of an image that lends to easy search. We create subject headings, captions etc.
  • Structured abstracts: For scientific or professional content like clinical research, legal judgments, these abstracts follow a structured and and well defined data elements used to give a synopsis of the main content.

Project Management

There are so many moving pieces to digital publishing process that maintaining a holistic approach and keeping all activities streamlined can be daunting. Brew not only offers most of these services that comprises publishing process but also offers to manage the end to end flow for its customers. We help you keep your projects on track and within budgets. Some of the tasks we perform are:

  • Collect revisions from authors, editors and proofreaders to create a master document
  • Manage copyright issues by contacting relevant owners and track permissions
  • Work with proofreaders and composition teams to have a bullet proof document in place
  • Manage schedules and track progress
  • Provide escalation point to timely intervention and course correction