Content Development

Our Content Enrichment services help publishers reach the reader in the shortest possible time and in the most cost-effective way. In over a decade there have been changes in the way content is delivered to the reader, from print to electronic media.

We support publishers with a whole range of content enrichment services which helps them meet the readers demand.

XML and Schema Design

We have been supporting our customers to move more titles from non-XML workflow into XML workflow. Brew helps publishers to store, manage, search and dynamically deliver content to their readership with ease and flexibility.

Content / Semantic Tagging

If it is not searchable then it is loss of revenue. Brew helps you lift your content by tagging, indexing and labeling your electronic content which makes them searchable and simple to retrieve. Tagging can come from many other digital sources such as eBooks, PDF, Websites etc.

Semantic Tagging makes online searches more accurate. Brew’s Semantic tagging services makes your content easily accessible and searchable. Brew helps capture capturing metadata from bibliographic data, subject terms, journal/book titles, authors, editors, affiliations, proceedings, volumes, issues, page numbers, ISSN/ISBN, copyright information, abstracts, key words, and article/chapter history, our skilled tagging teams deliver highly efficient accuracy.


Brew’s experienced, seasoned and skilled team is well versed in using a wide range of pagination software for composition of journals. We usually use the following platform for our pagination / typesetting work:

  • InDesign
  • LaTex
  • QuarkExpess
  • 3B2